remote video surveillance camera for UMTS
The safety and control through surveillance of our property today is becoming increasingly important. The increase of burglaries in houses, boats, warehouses, etc. have brought the technology to the study of materials relating to the surveillance that increasingly performed and in a confined space were able to contain a complete system to control audio and video combined with a sensor motion. From this need emerged the question arises micro camera with moveable furniture azimuth and zenith axes controlled by videophone. Now we describe step by step the features that allow our camera to be the world number one as UMTS technology with tilt:
this system of modulation and transmission (speed of transmission of 300 kbit / s to 2Mbit / s) allows the camera to be used where there is internet coverage, or to contain spaces and weights and where we want to be independent with regard power. A normal IP camera in fact has always needed a router and an internet connection and a large amount of energy to function. Our mobile handheld camera only needs a sim card of any operator and a minimum source of tension since the absorption is minimized gauze to the technology used.
- Moving target on axis traverse
his telephoto fact is given by a miniature high resolution CCD video allows you to receive clean and crisp. The main feature of our mobile camera is the ability to be able to address remote and always with our videophone turning the room where we want the right, left, up or down in this way eliminating dead spots where it would be impossible with a view UMTS standard room. Two electric motors for one azimuthal rotation axis (right, left) and the other for the zenithal rotation axis (up, down) always remotely controlled from the keyboard of our video phone, pda, smartphones allow you to move the remote micro 2:08 keys move the target above or below 90 degrees and the keys 4 and 6 move the target 45 degree left or right.
- Other keyboard functions
Furthermore, the robotic camera has other functions relating to the remaining buttons with the button 5 can rotate the image 180 degrees so that if the camera is installed into a balcony I see the image right, the button will operate a 3 x zoom back with the 3 key will operate the zoom, the button 7 reduces the brightness of recovery in case of highly enlightened place, # increase the microphone volume chamber, * decrease the microphone volume chamber
- Infrared sensor for night vision under 20 lux
UMTS mobile handheld camera itself has the ability to shoot at night thanks to infrared technology
with its three illuminators ir on the front allow the lens to illuminate the weapon. The three infrared illuminators are automatically triggered once the level of lux requires it we must not do anything to activate the sensors is automatic.
- Possibility of registration
our UMTS mobile camera has rotated inside a small DVR (digital video recorder) which enables it to register again on our activation by remote images on a digital micro sd card which pictures will appear later applied concurrently on a PC ( we think of thieves coming into the house). Clearly, we commanded the registration and we always stopped remotely.
- Supply and battery backup buffer
UMTS has rotated the camera can be powered by 220 Vac network, both 12 VDC, or 5-Vdc, and both solar panel battery. Such arrangements by the camera moving a diverse field of action from home, camper, boat, nautical construction sites or in isolated houses, even in the absence of any form of electricity as due to its low absorption will use its solar panel (optional 130.00 euros)
- Weight and size characteristics and autonomy
Size? 104mm x 101mm x 101mm
Weight 263g with battery inserted
CCD camera with 0.3 megapixel sensor
Battery life approximately 300 hours of standby and video call 5 hours of continuous day and 4 hours at night
Charging the battery in 7 hours
SD card recording time of day: 18 hours
Recording time on SD card night: 8 hours

Our sales consultants on appointment will deliver the equipment purchased in Partinico for the Region of Sicily (Palermo, Trapani, Caltanissetta, Catania, Messina, Enna, Siracusa, Ragusa, Agrigento.) And for the Tuscany region in Livorno (for the cities of Arezzo, Florence, Prato, Lucca, Siena, Empoli, Grosseto, Pisa, Massa, Viareggio). For other Italian products will be delivered by courier SDA with shipping at your charge (EUR 12.00 and EUR 25.00 for payment on delivery)